Monday, February 27, 2006

February 27, 2006: Wrong yet again

Guess what? I was wrong. What's new? I thought I did everything pretty well. I secretly thought that Ha! if I'm not there they can't function. I was wrong. turns out they don't need me. that sucks. in fact apparently according to my roommate, I shoot down people's ideas and don't give them a chance. ok i took that to heart didn't realize that people could take it that way. so i give a big responsibility to someone to prove that i do trust that person. then the very roommate says I didn't assure that person that she was doing it right... WTF?? does she want me to hold that person's hand?? The girl has been to 5 of the exact same things, if she doesn't get it by now, o dear. What does she want from me??? It's my job, I'm the boss, so stop telling me what the fuck to do.

Friday, February 17, 2006

February 17, 2006 - Undermining

Never be in an organization with your good friends. Of course you should be courteous and get along with the other officers, but never become really good friends. Because it makes it complicated when they undermine your authority. I am the leader of an organization and they may not acknowledge or unfortunately don't realize it, but I me Sruti do most of the dirty behind-the-scenes work. It is frustrating when they undermine my authority at meetings. When I am going down my agenda, certain people jump in about something that I was going to get to but they didn't give me a chance. I told them this "Yes that is important and I was going to get to that, but wait we need to resolve this other stuff first". They gave me an angry tone of voice/look after that. But I am the leader and they just have to respect that. The only problem is how do I word it delicately without someone getting upset? argh.

I am a modest person. I don't like talking about my accomplishments sometimes because it sounds like I'm bragging or something. The way I talk sometimes is kind of self-deprecating.. But I guess I should brag a little because otherwise people don't seem to respect me, even my friends.

It's kind of annoying when people think they can do a better job than you at something when you have seen them do it before and they did a shoddy job. For example, we had a religious ceremony and an alumni came and helped us perform it. Now, someone else organized it (of course on my coaxing and giving all the contact info) and by the way did a crappy job. Because at the event itself I was racing around making sure all the materials were there. And 10 minutes before to my unbelieving eyes, they are sorting all the papers to pass out!! I wanted to see what this person's capabilities were and needless-to-say I was kind of disappointed.

Also, I am a co-leader (supposedly) but I do most of the work!!!! And why does my co-president refuse to see it??? argh argh argh.

Friday, February 10, 2006

February 10, 2006: Winter Season

Winter is a busy time for my family. Lots of holidays. In September, it's my mom's birthday. Then both my cousins at the end of Sept and in Oct. Then Diwali, then Thanksgiving, then Xmas, then New Year's Day, then my birthday, then my sister's, then my parents' anniversary, and concludes with my dad's birthday. phew. lots of gifts. so that's why i think i enjoy these past few months more:-). Then there is a biiiig gap until the cycle starts once again! Lots of gift-givings and gift-gettings and celebrations. good times.

acknowledgement to previous post:
i'm overdramatic. as long as i be myself and make the most of out every day, i won't be misleading. i'll just be me.