Wednesday, November 16, 2005

November 16, 2005 - Wassup with that?

What is the complete and utter fascination with football? Why is it amusing to watch something for four hours straight where a bunch of people who get paid too much for tackling each other?
Why is it a big deal not to go to the so-called "big game"?

Also, why on earth are people so good at making me feel guilty for not going? gah.

I don't particularly enjoy football. Now, don't think I don't admire athletes. Sports is a good motivation for people to stay healthy. And there are really great scholarship opportunities. And athletes really learn time management and responsibility. But why is football so much more important then say-I don't know- the freakin future of the United States?? If people cared as much about football as last year's Presidential race, who knows what would have happened?


Thursday, November 03, 2005

November 3, 2005- Day I couldn't think of a title

First a note: I memorized the entire To Be or Not to Be soliloquoy for my Shakespeare class. Hopefully, I can remember it for a long time.

Also I did it. I changed my major. I'm a History major now. I feel better that now it is official. I am excited and scared at the same time though. I think it will be good for me though, I like learning about other cultures and people from the past who made a big impact on today's world. And also a chance to improve writing skills. My math skills are perfectly fine. College is supposed to be a time for learning new things and I want to learn how to write well. Hopefully through the History major I can accomplish that.

Things are looking up a little bit. Sometime in my grade panicking, I forgot to take a step back and realize that teachers are people. If you tell them about your concerns, they actually care. They don't want you to fail. They just want you to try your best. So with that note, I might actually have a chance of passing those aforementioned classes.

I finally get to go home. It's been a month since the last time! My sister is doing a cooool dance to some jammin Telugu songs for the annual Diwali party:-). I got a little part too. Unfortunately, I will be learning it tomorrow night. But luckily, I have my handy dandy dance memorization skills.