Friday, July 29, 2005

Jul 29, 2005- At Work

I've been book deprived since I read Harry Potter. I've been feeding off of the newspaper, Sepia Mutiny, any magazine I can get my hands on. We get Reader's Digest, Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic. Quite a variety now that I think about it. So I need to go to the library, return the ones I have and ahem pay the fine that I have and possibly get new ones. Perhaps tomorrow.
I am an idealistic person. It is hard for me to stomach hardship and when I hear about someone else's hardship, I feel all guilty about the petty things I worry about. In fact, I get all confused. It is important to not be ignorant of what's going on, but there is a limit because a person could get all depressed.
Countdown 4 weeks till 3rd year of college starts again. I'm not sure if I am excited or not. I'm actually more frightened. I didn't do so hot academic-wise last year. No I don't mean waah I got B's, I'm talking a leetle lower in the next letter- aack. I have to do better. With the other things to do I HAVE to learn how to balance it all. Hopefully I can.
I still feel bad that I didn't get on the dance team at UVa. But you know why I never tried out again, they scarred me man by sending this looong rejection letter that begin wow you have great expression buttttt....... Anyhow maybe I'll try again. But I'm afraid I won't have enough time. But I want to dance. Hmmm maybe I'll try out just to see if I can get on it the second time around. If not, no harm done.
Ok listening to new Telugu songs, so I'll be off in that world for a while.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

July 17, 2005- post hp & hbp

WARNING: spoilers ahead

i'm so sad. how could they kill him? he was the next person harry trusted the most, the only one voldemort ever feared. i cried when i read that line, i just always assumed he was going to be there. i didn't think rowling would kill him off because he needed to be there. I know that Dumbledore has said several times that there are things worse than death. Actually in the very first book when he told Harry that Flamel was going to destroy the sorcerer's stone, he said
"To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
I think what bothers me the most about his death is his murderer. I never liked Snape, but one always wishes like Anne Frank says that people can have a little good in them. But Snape betrayed a man that trusted him unquestionably. I was secretly hoping the whole time that Snape was fooling all the Death Eaters, that he really was on the Order's side. But now that I think about it, he mistreated Harry so much and was just too nice to Slytherins. Snape was also responsible indirectly for Sirius's death constantly tormenting him about not being able to do his part. I hate Severus Snape and I hope Harry gets his revenge.

I just can't believe it. Dumbledore is actually gone. What's going to happen next? I can't bear to think of it all without him...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


blahh heh ignore that last entry i was basically pulling my hair out of boredom heh. u know that i think too much when i'm bored. very bad habit. anyhoo this summer involved a lot of fiction reading. At first I read a lot of novels by South Asian authors. I read some Chitra Divakaruni novels and a wonderful book called The Hero's Walk by Anita Rau Badami. But most South Asian novels are so serious and depressing at times. I was getting bored and all the heavy reading got to me, so I started reading a lot of light chick lit. I read both Bridget Jones books and the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. and some other chick lit like Is That a Moose IN Your Pocket?. All of them soo funny. I also started to read a few of the books my sister got from the book fair. light, middle-school age appropriate books. but I read them anyways. Very good. I don't think that such good books were there when I was in middle school. They all follow a variation of this formula: an underdog hero/heroine who learns about him/herself and finds his/her place in the world making lots of mistakes but trying their best. But I still liked them. They are good role models for kids that age. It makes you feel not so alone even if the character is only imaginary. Totally related to them. hehe. OK now the BIG KAHUNA!!!



::big grin::