Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Losing/Misplacing Things

Why does it consume us when we cannot find something? We know it could not have gone anywhere and it is right under your nose, but we just cannot locate it. It drives us mad, even if it is something that is cheap. Yet we are hypocrites - when others lose something we want to laugh at their insanity and obsession of finding it.

For instance, my sister and I went to a dance performance. My sister dropped her pedometer and it went into the row in front of us. For the next four dances that was all she could think about and she was panicking because it was part of a grade at school. I thought she was being silly because it could not have left the auditorium. We did find it and she stressed needlessly.

However right now I am stuck in the same situation. I went home for winter break thinking I forgot my extra contacts in my dorm. Now they are not in my dorm anywhere. I looked everywhere that I could have placed it. I must have taken them. I swear they are not anywhere at home either! I cleaned all the bathroom drawers at home and they were not in there. Are they in my room somewhere? but where??

Possibly the annoying thing is it is too late to call home and ask them to check. Now that is all I can think about until I find them. Boooooooo.

I know I did not throw them away, but I wish I could find them. Dagnabit. Morning come soon so I can call homeeee

Monday, January 01, 2007

reflections on 2006

2006 started off with a bang.
the first day we flew from california to back home.
a good friend's father died suddenly.
i turned 20 (egads).
my sister became a teenager and is definitely showing symptoms.
i somehow barely survived 4 history classes and statistics.
i had the most boring desk job ever.
i went to india.
i did really really well taking 3 history classes and econ.

i don't think anything stands out in my mind particularly as memorable. but it wasn't a bad year.

movies of 2006:
telugu -

hindi -
kabhi alvida na kehna
lage raho munnabhai
rang de basanti

english -
every animated film that came out: cars, over the hedge, happy feet, ice age: the meltdown, etc.
i have to think about this...

songs of 2006:
telugu -
songs from Bommarillu
songs from Godavari
songs from Pokiri
songs from Pournami
songs from Athadu

hindi -
it wasn't a great year for hindi movies i honestly have to say

english -
i have to agree with the billboard top 10 albums and the vh1 top 40 countdown of 2006.
top 10 albums

wikipedia has a nice overview of all things 2006

what to look forward to in 2007:
turning 21
getting a job
joining the real world
TANA 2007 (meeting mahesh babu)

here's hoping for 2007 to be even better and brighter!

Happy New Year to all of you!

Share your memories with me =)